Restoring the Heart

The Lord led me to the blog at the bottom of the page…at a very appropriate time I might add:) Linsey does Beauty Hunter Retreats on their farm in Franklin, TN…is the Lord leading us to that here at Wellspring??? or our version of it??? Please click on the youtube video song toward the end of the blog, "Wanted" by Dara Maclean for a beautiful message:) 
I’m hoping your day is filled with HIS JOY!




Saw the eagle this morning at 9:56 flying upstream:)  Such a blessing to sit on the porch, enjoy the river, and see the eagle flying above! So majestic!  Thank you, Lord! 

(This is a picture of the eagle that a friend took while we were at Capt'n Daves buying Wellsie Bear.)  I think there are at least 2 eagles in the Townsend area.